Veganes Chili & Essen nach den Chakren

Spicing things up in the "Bilingual Kitchen"
23. Januar 2024 durch
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Welcome to the first episode of our Bilingual Cooking Show. 

Today, we are going to prepare an all-time favorite dish with a healthy twist - a hearty vegan Chili. This recipe is not only delicious but also packed with nutritious ingredients and super easy to make, wich is always a plus. And guess who's our special guest and "kitchen helper" of the day? Gucci the cat.

The Essence of Vegan Chili

A vegan chili, as the name suggests, is a cruelty-free version of chili that does not contain any animal products. It is a savory stew containing a mixture of vegetables and lentils, all simmered together with chili peppers and a variety of flavorful spices. This dish is a fantastic example of how you can create a satisfying, protein-rich meal in no time, while paying respect to all beings. 

Why Bilingual Cooking?

Our Bilingual Cooking Show aims to make cooking an inclusive and accessible experience. By conducting our shows in English and German, we hope to break down language barriers and bring the joy of cooking to a wider audience. Plus, you can also polish up your language skills while preparing a delicious vegan meal. How fun is that? 

What's Chakric Eating?

Chakras are focal points of energy situated along the spine within the human body. Each of the seven chakras is  associated with a specific color, as well as with physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. The idea behind the chakras is to balance and align them to achieve harmony and well-being in different aspects of life. Chakric eating is a practice that emphasizes the mindful alignment of food choices with the specific energies associated with each chakra, aiming to foster balance and vitality. 

Meet Our Guest Star: Gucci the Cat

For those of you who are new to our show, Gucci the cat is not only one of our beloved family members but also a frequent guest star in our live and pre-recorded courses and shows. Gucci loves to be involved in everything and always makes our cooking sessions more entertaining by just being his cute fluffy self. So, get ready for some delicious food, and good company!

Recipe of the Day: Vegan Chili

Now, let's dive into today's episode: our vegan chili recipe. In today's video we will guide you step by step through the process of preparing this dish, ensuring that you understand each step in both languages. Of course we also want you to enjoy a tasty meal at the end. 

You can find a list of all necessary ingredients below the video. Enjoy this bilingual cooking journey filled with flavor, fun, and our furry friend, Gucci the cat. 

Let's get cooking 

click image to play video


1 Medium sized onion

  •  2 Cloves of garlic

  • 1 Big red bell pepper

  • 2 Carrots

  • Leek (to your liking)

  • 500ml veggie broth
  • 350ml Tomato puree
  • 1  Jar of lentils (green or brown)
    (alternatively 150g dried lentils)
  • 1 Jar of chickpeas (alternatively 150g dried chickpeas)


1.5 tsp paprika powder

1 tsp ground cumin



3 bay leafs

  • Note
    Dried lentils / chickpeas must be soaked for 8h in advance and also have a significantly longer cooking time.

Originally I found the base recipe in “Une année vegan” by Stéphanie Tresch Medici. Feel free to also follow me on Instagram for more vegan inspirations:

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